Since its inception, The Scotland Clark Project (SCP), has been operated by a volunteer board and fully funded by generous supporters. The majority of our funds come from individual donors, some of whom have set up recurring monthly donations. Other supporters donate on special occasions (like Scotland's birthday and/or angelversary), and some donate here and there as they see fit. We have also been fortunate to be selected as philanthropy projects from local businesses and institutions over the years.

As we look to keep up the good work and expand the services and support offered to families, we will be in need of additional financial resources. If you're reading and want to help, then feel free to make a donation that works best for you via one of the buttons below. If you're a Missouri state employee, be sure to keep us in mind when the Missouri State Employees Charitable Campaign (MSECC) opens up. Our MSECC code number 2011. Similarly, if your employer has payroll deduction options already in place for other organizations please let us know! We'd love to have payroll deducted donations as an option for all of our supporters! We greatly appreciate each and every one of you!



$13 represents what would have been Scotland's 13th birthday on January 9, 2019



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