A Message from the President

Be The Good

First off, please know that I greatly appreciate you taking the time to visit our page! I will try to keep this short, but if you know me, you know I tend to ramble and I type just like I speak...sorry, I am not the well-polished nonprofit manager you may have encountered elsewhere. I speak from the heart when it comes to SCP...it's the only way I know how.


I just wanted to take a moment to explain who we are and why we do what we do. Our story is unique to us, just like your story is to you...but we've learned, grown, and know what it is like to face challenges directly related to family, children, illness, and tragedy. So we took our tragedy and decided to make something great out of it. In November 2014 we set out to support families who find themselves facing some of the same emotional and financial challenges we faced, because we know what it's like to:

  • welcome a newborn, then instantly be overwhelmed with thoughts of illness, surgeries, bills, appointments, the R-word, stares, etc.

  • live in a hospital for weeks at a time, eating greasy hospital food that starts tasty but soon gets old

  • worry about bills that are arriving at home while you're in the hospital, and then worry if/how you'll be able to cover it ALL

  • drive hours for appointments, again worrying about gas prices, meals, copays, prescriptions as a result of the appointments...again the worry of how you'll financially balance it all

  • have to go pick up your other kids from school abruptly and tell them their sister passed away...and then explain it over and over again because it came out of nowhere and they just couldn't grasp it

  • return home from the hospital without your child who couldn't be saved, and while sitting on the couch with a house full of family, realize you'll be receiving a hospital bill for the worst day of your life

  • pick out a burial plot for your precious child, something you never considered, never planned for, and the worry of "is this the right spot?" because you know you're not in a logical state of mind to make such an important decision so quickly

    • Side note: I vividly remember just crying in the cemetery asking my husband how I was supposed to be able to pick out the forever location we'd come to "visit" her - the evening sky was crazy pink and it rained just a bit while the sun was still shining...then there's the writing of the obituary, selection of the casket (all of which are horrid by they way, simply by what they represent), selection of hymns, picking of pallbearers

  • have to go ahead and secure the two plots next to your child's, because you don't have plots yet, and there's no way you're going to place her there alone and let someone else lay beside her...her grandparents also promptly secured plots in the immediate vicinity

  • make all of the selections and arrangements above and truly have no idea what that bill was going to be

  • pick out a headstone for an eight year old...how in the world..."she deserves something more than a super small plain one...what about that one...wait, that one is already out there...is this one too gaudy...yes it is too gaudy...how are we supposed to pick one..." The gaudy one grew on us!

  • and probably others...but I've rambled enough...you get the horrid picture...

The moment for me, was when I realized we had been fortunate to receive enough support from our friends, family, and community that we had a balance in the memorial fund to cover the cost of THE HEADSTONE WE WANTED....yes, the gaudy one...but we didn't have to settle for the least expensive, most plain and boring option there was, all thanks to the support of others. It was a small moment of peace for me. I could get my girl what she deserved...what I felt best represented her! From that realization came the idea of helping others dealing with similar, difficult, gut-wrenching challenges.

So now, in all that we do, we strive to BE THE GOOD!

We have future growth and expansion on the horizon for SCP! We look forward to continuing to help families as we have been, but also adding services and support to the mix. While there's no guarantee everything can come to fruition, I encourage you to send us a message from our "Contact Us" page with any ideas you may have, along with any potential donors/sponsors/partners who might be interested in helping us meet the financial needs of growth and expansion.

Go out and be the good!